Wed 11 Nov, 2015


Yes friends, the doors of this long-awaited eatery have finally swung open and I don’t believe they have managed to shut since, due to the high level of demand for this contemporary Israel-meets-NYC-meets-Stoke-Newington kinda neighbourhood joint.


I’ve very happily watched the Good Egg crew grow and develop; back in the day they used our prep kitchen to make breakfast burritos, then popped up at Cortado for a stint and are now bricks ‘n’ mortared up in Stokie…nice!

Despite the masses of options on Church Street there was always a distinct lack of quality, especially for daytime eating. All that’s changed and now it’s awash with some really modern and tasty options, which happily include my friend’s new venture – The Good Egg.

They have taken over the site of an old William Hill (one less, boom!) and have painstakingly developed it into a beautifully crafted space with industrial chic oozing out of every pore. There’s luxuriousness running out of rich yolks and lashings of housemade pastrami & Zhoug (Arab herb sauce) – I personally like to use the freshly baked challah to mop this all up, alongside a banging coffee.

So I guess you can tell I’m a fan, but not just for the menu (which, like every menu, has room for improvement and tightening) and not just for the space (I do panic about the mini island bars with glasses at seated elbow height) but also and most importantly for what this space represents.

It’s the culmination of a lot of fricking hard work, vision, drive and a can-do attitude from the whole team, who are always smiling (and sweating!). There’s a huge focus on using local suppliers and supporting neighbourhood schemes and schools; concepts that in the future we should be taking for granted from a local business. High fives all around!

Go there, eat there, be there.

Well done guys xx

-Ian, Cult Food Director/Jokemaster

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