International Women’s Day @ The Wall SE1

Wed 3 Mar, 2016

What’s it like to be a woman in 2016…?

In the hope to find out, we hosted the women making things happen at two awesome International Women’s Day events.

First up, we had London’s leading ladies to lunch with us…

image: @livblankson

…Later on, we welcomed back the women at the forefront of Girl’s Month Celebrations in House of Vans London, by offering up prosecco a-plenty in an attempt to quench the thirst of this truly creative crowd.

In Conversation With… was a TED Talks style session from some of London’s leading female collectives. We heard about their aspirations, their careers and their journeys so far in the creative industries.

When we cosied down in the House of Vans cinema, immersed In Conversation With Lotte Andersen (Maxilla), Claire and Nelly (Bby Fce) and Bertie and Char (The Mushpit) it was soon clear that these ladies, alongside the guys and gals who attended aren’t just thirsty…  This lot are hungry for change.

Passionate about everything they produce, they are paving the way for creative millennials following their own Girl Boss Mantras:

Embrace your contemporaries

Trust your mother

Creativity is not limited to 9 – 5

Be kind to yourself

Don’t be so concerned about the right path to your goal

We loved playing host to some of the most influential female entrepreneurs in London and can’t wait to meet more ladies and Vans Girls following their passions down here at The Wall SE1!

Thanks to @rachillustrates for our featured image up top!

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