The Big Ol’ Gingerbread TEAM Bake Off

Fri 12 Dec, 2015

Well that was awesome!

We had the policy makers from Macmillan Cancer Support in the Kitchen at House of Vans for a staff away day and we surprised them with The Big Ol’ Gingerbread Bake Off.

Instead of making policy, the guys had to make a winning gingerbread structure.

The idea was to have lots of fun, be a bit competitive and get the team bonding.

And nothing gets a team bonding quite like gluing yummy gingerbread together…

cult events

There was so much enthusiasm and creativity in the room which led to a really varied bunch of creations. One team created a campaign out of gingerbread – so keeping things business! Another recreated their office (and later destroyed it in a cathartic christmas losing team outburst, which was pretty hilarious).

Some guys did the Eiffel Tower. But for us the clear winner was the gluten free aquarium: out of the box thinking, in the box execution, and all without any gluten – nice…

cult events 2

The mission for the day was to have BIG OL’ FUN and get people building more than just gingerbread which we definitely did.

So bring on the staff away days! Get in touch if you’re interested in Cult Events designing a staff chefshop for you!

-Ian, Cult Food Director/Gingerbread judge


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